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LED technology is the ultimate frontier in lighting. The LED or Light Emitting Diode - is a semiconductor device that generates light at the passage of electrical charges through a junction in silicon suitably doped: in other words is a diode that when reaches the threshold voltage becomes a light source, the light emitted from the junction is monochromatic so the desired color depends on the type of dopant introduced into the silicon.

The white light of the LEDs will be generated from the issuance of a diode blue light. This issue is being exploited to stimulate a specific fluorescent powder and obtain response secondary yellow emission. With the precise concentration of fluorescent material, the primary light blue combines with that secondary yellow to create a distribution of the spectrum of the emissions that is perceived as white light by the human eye. This technology is continuously improved allowing to reach very interesting results.

With a targeted selection of components you can get LEDs with the same shade of light of a fluorescent lamp or a halogen lamp. The beginning of the third millennium has given great impetus to the development of this technology, the result of this development was the birth of the Power LED that is a diode capable of transforming electrical energy with a power greater than 1 watt light and suitable for lighting applications indoors and outdoors. The combined use of LED primary colors Red Blue Green and also makes possible the construction of very high-performance devices with the possibility of managing the dynamic mixing of the color.

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