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The LED also contributes to health as the light emitted has no component IR ( infrared ) and has an extremely low UV ( Ultraviolet ), that we know can be harmful to healt, especially in the case of prolonged exposure to the light source.

The same goes for lighting of paintings or works of art in relation to which the lack of UV and IR components, combined with a minimum heating of the illuminated objects, due to the low power output from the projectors, contributes significantly to the preservation of the cultural heritage.

LED technology allows instant lighting even at very low temperatures ( -40° ), favoring therefore the installation of light fittings for outdoor use even in extreme weather conditions.

Do not also overlook the impact related to the disposal of the product at the end of the life cycle which is a further advantage of the LED. All materials used are normally disposed off and do not contain any polluting substances such as mercury, lead or other toxic substances.

Finally, from the point of wiew of safety, the power supply in low VCD helps to make LED devices more secure, therefore equivalent to class III ( in other words fed with voltages below 50V ), unlike other type of apparatus, inside of which develop high potentially dangerous voltages. As a result, more security for the staff working and also for cleaning of the projectors exposed to the lements.

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